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State of the art security systems for your home or office

From CCTV images that display on your phone to timed locks that give the gardener access for two hours on a Tuesday morning, modern security systems have moved on in leaps and bounds since the humble burglar alarm. At Challenge Control, we can customise the perfect system to protect your home, your family and your belongings - or your office and staff.

With the technology and skills at our disposal, we can integrate almost any aspect of your home or office to make life not just safer, but more convenient. Imagine having number plate recognition at the gates, or a video entry system that turns your music down automatically. It’s all possible – and it can all be controlled from a single home automation system.

Alarms, monitoring and maintenance

We install high quality, fully guaranteed, hard wired or wire free intruder alarms to suit every application. Each system is bespoke designed to suit each customer’s particular requirements.

Most insurers now insist that your alarm system be regularly maintained. We are able to offer very competitive maintenance arrangements, depending on the risk level many insurers now ask for ‘Central Station Monitoring’. We are able to provide connections to all types of Central Station Monitoring including BT RedCare Classic, BT RedCare GSM, BT RedCare Secure, DualCom GPRS and over IP at all grade levels. Alternatively we can offer digital communicator monitoring.

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Protect your home or business

We have experience installing smart locks, lighting, sensors, security cameras, network video recorders, security panels and monitoring systems.

We’ll save you money

Instead of using multiple contractors for your electrical, AV and security systems, why not get it all done by the same trusted business?

We’ll build a system around you

From pressure pads and fingerprint recognition to automation of doors, blinds and lighting, cameras, restricted access, we can build just about anything into your security system.

Your home is in safe hands

Using market leading systems, we can consolidate all your controls into a single, convenient touch point – accessible by phone or tablet.

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