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Bringing business-grade network into your home

From gaming and video streaming to ordering a pizza online, there’s very little tech these days that doesn’t connect to the internet. Trouble is, the connection in most homes just isn’t up to the job. That’s where we come in. We’ll wire your home for future connectivity, making sure that your network runs at full pelt whatever tech you add.

We can do this because as home automation experts, we don’t just understand the technology – we know how it all fits together. Combining that knowledge with concrete commercial experience, we can design and install a business-grade network in your home, giving you the speed and reliability you normally only experience in the office.

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We build things to last

Before we’ve taken a single network cable out of the van, we sit down and plan your home connectivity in detail.

A system to suit you

Not every network is the same. We understand different network demands, and use our IT know-how to build the right system for you.

No more data outages

We test, test and test again until we’re certain we’ve got it right.

Less mess, fewer disruptions

We pride ourselves on being tidy and doing the most professional job possible. Our cabling is discrete and immaculate.

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