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Lighting up your home and garden

In the old days, lights were either on or off. But your home isn’t just a series of boxes – it’s somewhere you relax and entertain. With the technology available to us today, we can control almost every aspect of the lighting in your house, setting the right mood whether you’re just waking up, preparing the family dinner or throwing a huge party.

It’s not just about ambience either. We’ve got access to some of the cleverest lighting systems on the market, including Lutron Lighting and Rako Controls, all controlled by Control 4 or Crestron interfaces, which allow you to customise subtle light changes in each room depending on the time of day and the light outside – or even respond to presence. Best of all, you can control all of this remotely from your phone or tablet.

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We’ll light anything!

From the cinema room to your landscaped garden to the pool, there’s no area of your home – inside or out – that we can’t enhance with the right lighting.

Save money, get control

If you’ve got kids, you know how they’re always leaving the light on. With our systems, you’ve got control of all the lights from the palm of your hand.

We’ll listen to your needs

Whether you want to be able to read in bed without disturbing your partner or light up the path to the gate, we can match your lighting to your way of living.

You can trust us to build something that lasts

We won’t just come in and install a few lamps. We plan carefully to ensure you’re getting the most out of your investment in lighting for years to come.

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