Saving energy and saving costs

Improving energy efficiency at home and in the office

Most of us are guilty at one point or another of leaving too many lights on, or running the air con while the windows are still open. It’s easy to do. The good news is there’s some brilliant technology out there that can help you be much more efficient at home – or in the office – and as automation experts, we can help you with this.

We can help you save money too. By integrating technologies like LED lighting, presence detection, automatic blinds and underfloor heating, you can control the temperature and the brightness of your home, making sure you’re not just spending less on energy, but you’re more comfortable in the process.

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Giving you the control

Before we’ve taken a single network cable out of the van, we sit down and plan your home connectivity in detail.

We can save you money...

...and we’ve got graphs to prove it! By improving the efficiency of your home or office, you can start making real savings right away.

Clean and convenient

We can integrate the control for your blinds, lighting, heating and more into a single, easy-to-use interface that doesn’t clutter the walls.

Your home is in safe hands

Our engineers pride themselves on their attention to detail. We’re neat and tidy, smart, and keep disruption to an absolute minimum.

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