New build quote to installation

Challenge Control were invited to advise and quote on a private new build under development. After our initial visit with the customer, we composed drawings and a comprehensive quote broken down into smaller parts.

"In Jan 2017, I was up to plate level with my new house and was just starting to think about first fix wiring. I was happy for the electricians to plan the wiring for the standard stuff like plugs, lights and at the time TV points. What was worrying me though was technology and trying future proof my house. What I didn’t want was a brand new house with wires tacked to the walls for WiFi routers and aerial cables etc. I had also been looking at different options for alarms and cameras and was not really sure what I was looking at.

I also knew I wanted to put some sort of AV system in to the house but again, didn’t really know what I was looking for.

A friend of mine suggested I spoke to Challenge control for some advice and go from there. So I invited the team from Challenge round to have a look and chat through what I was after.

Even from their first visit, the whole team were friendly, professional and extremely knowledgeable. They knew exactly what I was after and advised me to tell the electrician not to run any TV cabling. They also said they could help me with the alarms and cameras as well as the WiFi, TV, Audio and home automation.

Soon after the first visit, I received a full proposal from Challenge breaking down every part of the project, this included drawings of the layout along with AV Rack designs. I was most impressed with detail put in to the quote.

Once I had digested the information, I went for a meeting with the team at Challenge HQ. We talked through the quote page by page. I added some bits and took off a few bits that I didn’t need. Once I was happy with everything, I then gave Challenge the contract for the AV, Security and WiFi. I was appointed a project manager who would look after everything for me. Bearing in mind, my project was relatively small. I was very well looked after.

A month or so later, the house was ready for first fix wiring, so the technicians started coming in to run all the wires through to the Comms room. Once that was done, the aerial and satellite dish was fitted. The house was then finished and during the time leading up to second fix, the rack was built and the technicians were arranged to comeback at second fix to completely wire the house for everything. The next visit was to finish the project. Over a week or so, the team came in and installed the security cameras, alarms, TVs, sky etc etc.

They also installed a Control 4 system to the house. This system still to this day blows my mind. It takes absolutely everything technology based in the house and integrates it all in to one system.

I am now able to control my whole house from one remote control. Where as before I would have had a sky remote, a TV remote, a DVD remote. I now have one! I can view my cameras on my Television. I can watch Sky, Apple TV or what ever I want on any TV around the house without any clutter in any room.

I can also listen to music everywhere in the house including the showers via my integrated sound system. With the flush mount ceiling speakers, i can listen to different music everywhere without having loads of stand alone systems everywhere.

I get full WiFi signal wherever I am in the house with no visible WiFi router or extenders plugged in looking ugly!

I could go on for ages about this. I would recommend anyone to see Challenge if they are looking at anything technology based at home. They have absolutely transformed my house in to a user friendly modern house.

If anyone would like to speak to me about my experience, please feel free to put them in touch with me."

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